The Program

Our intense regimen of authentic Shaolin martial arts training provides the foundation for increased confidence, self-understanding, and discipline.

“Something I found difficult? Everything. And that’s what I loved about it. Everything was a challenge. We would tend to get caught up in daydreaming about lunch while practicing forms. But we repeated everything, until it was no longer a challenge. Form and philosophy were drilled into our heads until we couldn’t walk without flicking a wrist or forming a tiger claw!”
– Ano, 13

Shaolin summer camp program in NY

Authentic Kung Fu Training

We offer traditional training in authentic Shaolin martial arts or philosophy as passed on by 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, Shi Yan Ming. The program is open to youth aged 11-17, and centers around training in three disciplines:

  • Qigong, which is similar to yoga and strengthens the body internally and externally
  • Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), that stimulates the movement of chi or life force, both strengthening and meditative
  • Gongfu (Kung fu), basics and forms training – kicks, strikes, movements, and jumps that give a highly intense cardio workout and increase stamina and flexibility

Training program for kung fu summer camp

Building confidence & having fun

Students will also learn basic tumbling and rolls (somersaults, cartwheels, etc) and will spend lots of time stretching.

There will also be morning runs and calisthenic exercises to further build strength and stamina. In total, campers will have over 5 hours a day of martial training.

When the campers aren’t busy sharpening their kicks, stances, and forms, they’ll have the option to train a variety of other styles.

  • Chan Calligraphy – Learning the philosophy behind Chinese characters related to martial arts
  • Kung Fu and You – Counselors will discuss how they apply kung fu philosophy to their daily lives in their professions and interactions with others.
  • Nature Walks – The 80-acre temple is perfect for diving into nature and learning about the flora and fauna of the Catskills.
  • Shaolin Philosophy & History – Learn about the philosophy and history of the Shaolin Temple.
  • Sports – Soccer, basketball, flag football, kickball, capture the flag, and more.
Chinese language class

Chinese Language class during the 2011 Shaolin Summer Camp

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