The Shaolin Summer Camp is staffed by professionals who have extensive experience in both training martial arts and working with teens.

“I personally enjoyed everything at the shaolin summer camp. Everything was challenging yet beneficial. And we learned from the best, kindest, and most stern teachers one could ever learn from.”
– Ano, 13

Summer camp staff in upstate NY

Camp Director – Andrew Sloan (dharma name Shi Heng Yi)

Heng Yi

A permanent K-12 NY State Teacher Certification has enabled Andrew to have worked in education for 14 years to date. His career began in Secondary Special Education and transitioned after four years into Elementary where he currently is serving as an Elementary Art Teacher working with about 700 students every week. Beginning in 1998, he began spending his summers working closely with the camp coordinators for Project STEP’s Summer Camp. Andrew helped to develop, implement and deliver the curriculum to those who attended this camp from Kindergarten to 8th grade so that it aligned with the NY State standards and objectives for each grade level. He has trained at the USA Shaolin Temple since 1999.

Heng Zhu

Abbot Shi Yan Ming

Shifu, or master, Shi Yan MingĀ is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. He founded the USA Shaolin Temple in 1994, and since then has taught thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds, including celebrities such as The RZA, John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes, Rosie Perez and Bjork. To learn more, readĀ his full biography.

Heng ChengHannah Reuter (dharma name Shi Heng Cheng)

In addition to having 4 younger siblings, Hannah has extensive experience teaching kids and teens in a variety of disciplines. She has worked with kids as a reading tutor, in theater performance, and as a swim instructor. Throughout high school and college, she was active in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and swimming. Hannah started training at the temple in 2006.


Heng ZhuEric Spindelman (dharma name Shi Heng Zhu)

Eric is currently pursuing his major in childhood education at Rockland Community College, while simultaneously working at St. Dominic’s Home, a school and care center for the developmentally disabled. He has trained martial arts since the age of 10 and currently teaches his own kung fu class at the Mid Hudson Chinese Language Center in Wappingers Falls, NY. Eric also has a wealth of knowledge in horticulture and biology, and was a state youth soccer champion.

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