Parent Testimonials – Debbie and Namjin

One of the privileges of parenthood is opening doors to the world for our children. Our son decided to enter the door of the USA Shaolin Temple 10 years ago. The discipline of training, focus of understanding and long term friendships he developed have been a blessing for him and our entire family.

– Debbie, retired mom

Training at the USA Shaolin Temple and Temple’s summer camp has been a great opportunity for my 16 year old son to have something that he does better than his parents, when he feels that everything in life so far mom and dad do better than him. After just 2 weeks at the Summer Camp my son transformed into a more mature, intelligent, self-sufficient young man, and became more efficient in his studying by prioritizing and managing time more productively, as well as eating and sleeping better.

I feel the camp helps teens have the opportunity to perfectly survive, enjoy, and train hard without any help from parents. It gives them a sense of responsibility and empowers them to be able to conduct themselves in a rigorous but loving training camp environment enjoying every moment of it. The kids learn to respect, encourage, support, and inspire each other during the challenging times. Finally, the fresh air, healthy foods, and daily Shaolin warrior monk style training makes a healthy difference in their lives.

– Namjin, Yoga Instructor

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