Benefits of Shaolin Training For Kids and Teens

In today’s modern world, stress in daily life is increasing exponentially, and the challenges of growing up have children now experiencing levels of stress once reserved for their parents. An active lifestyle has long been recommended not only for physical, but psychological health, and numerous studies have been done over the years showing the correlation between exercise and an improved mood and reduced stress.

Most recently, the New York Times published an article discussing a scientific study which found that children who exercise generally report much happier moods and less symptoms of depression than those who don’t exercise. The study found that when given a stress test involving math and storytelling challenges, children who exercised showed relatively no increase in the stress-induced hormone cortisol. The least active children in the study had the highest stress levels. Dr. Disa Hatfield, who commented on the study, noted that “In a school, a child who gets more activity on a daily basis will respond better to everyday stressors like tests and social challenges.”

Unfortunately, only 29% of high school students in the US meet the national guideline of 60 minutes of exercise a day, and it is difficult for parents to find engaging and meaningful summer activities for children that they will be excited about pursuing. Shaolin kung fu is an excellent solution to this conundrum. As Shifu says, a flexible body and a flexible mind are one. Not only does training build stronger muscles, increased stamina, and greater flexibility, it develops self-confidence, self-understanding, and reduces stress in participants of any age.

Unfortunately, only 29% of high school students in the US meet the national guideline of 60 minutes of exercise a day.

What better way to prepare your kids for the upcoming school year than letting them grow physically and emotionally by experiencing authentic kung fu training program with the USA Shaolin Temple in beautiful upstate New York? Not only will the students experience a stress reduction, so will their parents, knowing their children are growing stronger in both mind and body.

Shaolin summer camp program in NY

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