A Fresh Take on NY Summer Camps

If you’re like most parents, the approach of summer signals one thing: the end of your child’s school-year and the search for fun and rewarding activities for their summer months.

Summer camps, especially sleep-away camps, have always been a great way for parents to provide their kids with safe and engaging activities for those long unstructured months. And there is nothing more reassuring than knowing your children are under the guidance of trusted professionals who are committed to their safety and enrichment. The USA Shaolin Temple, a non-profit located in NYC, run by 34th generation Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming, has a fresh new take on the tradition of summer camp.

The only martial arts training camp of its kind in the United States, the USA Shaolin Temple offers teens aged 11-17 the opportunity to live and train like a Shaolin monk at our beautiful temple in the Catskills of upstate New York.

For two weeks, your child will experience traditional Shaolin life under the guidance of skilled martial artists and professional camp youth instructors. This camp offers the unique opportunity not only to engage in a rigorous study of kung fu, but also the other traditional disciplines of tai chi and qi gong. A variety of healthy, authentic cuisine will be served up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – one day might include Chinese rice porridge for breakfast, pasta and salad for lunch, and tacos for dinner.

We cater to special dietary needs as well, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher. Extracurricular activities will span everything from Chinese calligraphy to Shaolin history and philosophy. The experience trains campers’ bodies physically, exposes them to a rich cultural tradition, and leaves them feeling stronger, more confident, and with better self-understanding when they leave.

On our website you can get information on our rates, dates, read profiles on our fully-certified staff, and learn more about the history and tradition of Shaolin. Amituofo!

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